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Immigration Assessments

Thank you for considering Ducky Behavioral Solutions Inc. in your journey towards obtaining U.S. citizenship. We know that this can be a long and stressful process and are here to assist you through this part of the system as easily as possible.

Type of Evaluations

Immigration assessments are conducted by Dr. Anderson J. Schuyler, Ed.D., LMHC, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and psychotherapist in the State of Florida. With personal experience as an immigration sponsor, Dr. Schuyler understands the complexities and unique struggles of those working towards their U.S. citizenship.

The assessment process will take approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the client, and/or their attorney’s scheduling availability. Consultations are conducted either via video conference or in-person. Upon initial consultation, Dr. Schuyler will work with the client and/or attorney to determine the appropriate immigration assessment required and to answer any questions or concerns. The client will then be scheduled for their first appointment and asked to complete appropriate mental health self-assessments which will be due prior to the first meeting with Dr. Schuyler. Along with the self-assessments, additional records or information may be required. Dr. Schuyler will review and interpret the client’s self-assessments and records, followed by conducting two clinical interviews with the client. As needed, Dr. Schuyler will meet with relevant family members. After the second and final session, Dr. Schuyler will formulate a diagnostic impression, as applicable, and create a detailed report which is about 10-20 pages long and provide the attorney with a draft for review and consultation. Once finalized, the report will be delivered in paper via certified mail as well as electronically in a PDF form to the client and attorney.

Initial Consultation

Free 15 minute phone/video call with client and/or attorney to determine type of assessment needed, discuss policies and schedule sessions.

$1000 Evaluation and Report

Cost of Evaluation Includes:

  • Consultations with Immigration Attorney

  • Two Clinical Interviews with Primary Client

  • Family Member Interviews

  • Review of Records

  • Complete Written Report in PDF form

  • Paper copy of the written report, mailed via certified mail to client and attorney

​Payment plans available

Additional Costs That May Apply:
  • Court Appearances

  • Travel fees for travel outside of Duval and Clay County, Florida

  • Interpreter fees for languages other than English

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