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Testing Services

Why should I get the testing? What will it do for me?

The first step in working past the struggles you may be facing is an assessment and if warranted, a diagnosis. This is not a miracle cure by any means, nor just a band-aid. the purpose to unlock understanding as to what is going on, to help the person with the struggles know that there is something that can be done. With the understanding of the issue comes the benefit of unlocking resources that can help you on your path to further success. Some of these resources include specialized therapies to help you get past roadblocks, possible accommodations at school or work, and if needed medications. These assessments are sufficient enough for a diagnosis and provide documentation needed to help seek out accommodations needed. The assessment is only the first step in this path to your future success.

Clinical Evaluation

The first step in getting an assessment complete is the clinical evaluation. This is where we first meet to discuss the issues you or your loved one is having. Doing this allows us to figure out what would be the best assessment to use and also the time to decide if a full evaluation is actually needed. At times people might see more than there really is, and we want to make sure that you are not spending money on a test that will might not be needed to start with. If that is the case, we can then determine the best course of action. If it is determined that further evaluation is needed, this is when it is discussed and scheduled. The clinical evaluation can be done in office or via telehealth.

Day of Assessment

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure that you or the individual being assessed can start on time. Anything after 15 minutes late, may not be seen due to other schedules, and the deposit would be forfeit. Please make sure that the individual is rested and has eaten so they are not fatigued nor hungry as it can be a distraction. The assessment may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on need. After the assessment is completed, the feedback session will be scheduled.

Feedback session

The feedback session is used to go over the results of the assessments, provide the paperwork with the diagnosis, provide resources that may be needed and answer questions about what to do next. This session is normally done within two weeks. This can also be done in person or via tele-health.


Assessments Fees

We do not take insurances for the assessments. A superbill can be provided for you to submit to your insurance company for a possible reimbursement.  To pay for the assessment a link will be provided for credit card processing.

Initial Clinical Assessment -- $100.00

The initial clinical assessment must be paid for 48 hours in advance of the appointment: if not, the appointment will be cancelled and will have to be rescheduled. If the session is cancelled within 24 hours of session, there will not be a refund.

ADHD Assessment--$1000.00

Autism Assessment --$1000.00

Autism with IQ Assessment --$1200.00

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment -- $1500.00

For the ADHD, ASD or Comprehensive assessment, one half of the fee is due for deposit to schedule, the second half is due 48 hours prior to day of the assessment. If assessment is cancelled with less than a 48-hour notice, the deposit is non-refundable. A link will be provided to pay for the assessment.

Follow up/Feedback session—No charge.

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